Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The beginning

What is there to say? [iSuk] or Irrational Sergeants UK was setup during 2010 to form a group of online gamers in the name of all things fun.

Adam or Aintnoscrub aka oOo Snorlax oOo constructing the name early this year after attempting to come up with a suitable name for what the group who play under the name of iSuK are really about!

Sean or ShoooRn94 decided that the best fit name was that of the Irrational Sergeants UK, as a joint decision it was clear that this defined what the group/clan was about. Their is no real reasoning behind the clans goals or aims but to only have fun and aim to win!

Recently the group has been purely focussing it's attention on Call of Duty Black ops and Red Dead Redemption. ShoooRn94 and oOo Snorlax oOo have been trying to ensure the usage of the sniper rifles within call of duty black ops has increased, being one of the harder weapons to use it can be argued that its one of the weapons that takes more skill to use.

If joining a group that's pure goal is to have fun and to have laugh is your thing then you're more than welcome to join! Tuesday evening is the usual evening for unstructured games and just having a laugh so request for an invite to join in!

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