Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Retaliation and Annihilation. Bring on the DLC.

Been a while since I've left a decent post on here but here we go.

The latest DLC has been rumoured as being named Retaliation. A little less on that and a little more on the latest release;  Annihilation.

So I finished my studies and waiting for me was this map pack.

My opinions so far are this:

This happens to be the best map pack released to date, maybe better than first strike! Hazard, and drive in really have me sold; Hangar 18 is a very decent map but has very wide open spaces, Silo... again a decent map but most likely the worst of the lot due to the spawns. Although I have managed a decent K:D on it a few times now!

With regards to the latest zombie map; I am unable to give a decent review as I am awaiting Snorlax's arrival to play the map.


So what does Retaliation bring and what will it give us?

Now I have a horrible sneaking suspicion that as so far the order of the DLC has been; Good, ok, Good... that the next DLC may only be O.K.

So can the names of the maps redeem themselves? Well no. Not really:

and Metro.

Personally I like the sound of Metro and Mansion. However they all sound a bit samey.

The zombie map will be featured in area 51... or hangar 18. If you haven't played hangar 18 yet, get to it, you won't be disappointed.

The release date looks to be the first Tuesday of September - 06/09/2011. So good news for all you young-uns heading back to school/college... looks like those school nights won't be so drab.

Anywho I'm off to play some Hazard with my crazy sniping skills... oh check out Snorlax's Sniping on hazard the other day... it'll make you smile inside.


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Round of applause for me

I have officially done it, i have reached 15th prestige in a very respectful time of 12 days and 7 hours. Now just 50 more levels to go before im the highlest possible level in the game and the highest level i've reached in any COD game so good news all round. Bring on the ever so tacky gold camo now xD i've pretty much been playing solid since 5pm, and i've raced through the last 10 levels. In that time i managed to get 2 gold camo's. Mpl and psg1.

My eyes are in need of some serious rest so night y'all
oOo SnorLaX oOo

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

DLC 3!!!!!

Morning all, it's finally that time again (even though it doesn't feel that long since escalation popped up) that the third black ops DLC is being rolled out within the last 57 minutes.
Unfortunately enough i'm at work at the moment so i cannot actually write a hands on review, so all i can do for now is count down the hours until i can punch out and fly home as fast as i can to play :'(
From what i know so far the the multiplayer maps are called the following;
-Hangar 18
-Drive In
I going to be blunt, escalation sucked for me, i really didn't like it and given the chance if they pop up in the normal playlists i always vote against them, and NEVER play the actual escalation playlist anymore.
So it is really important to me trayarch redeem themselves and make this map pack better than first strike which in my opinion was amazing!
Can't really say much else for now until i have played them myself so i'm going to get back to work an hopefully time will fly by.
Oh and update on me , 14th prestige 36, just got myself a gold mpl...yeah boiii!!

peace yo
oOo SnorLaX oOo

Saturday, 25 June 2011

BLOPS oOo SnorLaX oOo progress update

So it's that time again when i brag some more, i've recently reached 14th prestige so it's time to start saving for those magical golden camo.
My current playtime is just under 12 hours so not bad going in terms of reaching 15th prestige.
I'm hoping to get to 15th before the clock ticks over to 13 hours.

Another change to my class set ups recently, i've now switched my beloved hsrdline for scavenger, simple because i can easily reach blackbird without hardline and i've found myself using mpl a lot more. Whack on some rapid fire and the ability to pick up ammo and you've got yourself a deadly weapon.

Not currently at home so i can't play right now but i will keep the updates coming with regards to reaching 15th. Fingers crossed mutha truckers

Friday, 27 May 2011

News, News and more News today

Morning all, a lot to report today snd since i'm not at work today i'm going to catch you guys up with the latest MW3 news.
So first things first,
Infinity ward has officially confirmed via twitter that there will in fact be no co op campaign in MW3, i'm sure this will sadden the heart of many fans. I myself do not actually care because i'm more of a MP Fan myself however What's the reason behind this, well at present there hasn't been an official statement as to why they pulled the plug on co op.

Second piece of news Today is craig fairbrass the voice of ghost in MW2 is definitely returning in mw3. Whether or not he will be playing ghost is still abit of a mystery since in cod4 he voiced gaz.

The third and final piece is 3 screenshots have emerged from
There may only be 3 and not really exposing much but any screenshots or teasers are more than welcome in my eyes.

So thats all for iSuk news, notuch to report on blsck ops since i haven't been online in a few days. One thing i will say is, i am slightly regretting buying escalation, i don't think its the maps that are putting me off, but the fact there encouraging campers.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What's up Y'all

So it's half 11 here in the UK, that's pm, and i just realised haven't updated in awhile..there is so much to talk about but not enough time to report it all.
so basically the biggest news is the release of the MODERN WARFARE 3 TRAILER

i for one, cannot flipping wait after seeing this, i was getting all giddy like a school girl watching this and couldn't wait to share, so i sent it straight to my partner in crime ShoooRn94.
In terms of what we can expect....Full blown global war, oh yes, it will be like nothing you have seen before, and hopefully unlike the previous COD's where they claim to be the best yet, this will blow the competition right out of the water.
The obvious competition this year, is battlefield 3, any forum/blog/message board you go on, it's an ongoing argument, which is better, which has better graphics, which has better gameplay etc etc,. the list goes on, needless to say i'm a COD guy myself and will be queueing at midnight to get MW3, however i'm not completely one sided, i will be getting BF3, just probably not at a midnight launch, as i don't care as much for it.
Also in MW3 related news, unlike the previous years, so far there is not a WII version, and according to infinity ward, there won't be this year..

Judging from BO WII gameplay it's doing them a favour LOL..but that's a whole other story.

So the question on my mind is, Should there be a MW3 BETA?
Yes-Because after the disaster that was black ops, and still they are releasing patches to fix problems, it could only benefit infinity ward to release a BETA
No-because we like the excitement we get from queueing at midnight to get that release.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

oOo SnorLaX oOo Update

Morninngggggggggggggggggg all,
day off work today so it seems i'm either on COD or on this, 
and was checking the older posts and my  very first post i mentioned how i would keep a constant update on how i'm progressing in the MP.
Well that failed miserably so i'm going to try again, as of 6/4/11 at 12.54 pm this is my updated combat record.
9th Prestige 

Time Played 8 Days 7 Hours
Win/Loss 1.43
Best win streak 50 Games.
Most Kills 65
K/D 1.66

So i have obviously been busy on COD, rising a whole 6 prestiges since my last update..however quite a lot has changed since back then, instead of AK47 with silencer, i now use either FAMAS with Dual Mags or Galil with Dual Mags/Silencer, and secondary weapon is a balistic knife.
My claymore has not changed to a motion sensor as well.
The perks is the biggest change for me since i always used to use the same, hardline pro, slight of hand pro and ninja pro, now however i use hardline pro, sleight of hand pro and hacker, something i never thought i would use, but i do have good reasoning behind it, basiclally i'm a claymore magnet, every game guaranteed i would run over several and it would make me RAGE, so now i've started using that i've noticed my k/D has shot up..

oh one more thing, 
Kills with killstreaks, 
Chopper gunner-576
Attack Dogs-440
Attack Helicopter- 318
and the rest are below a 100.

any ways black ops is calling me so peace out guys. its me snorlax..bye.

oOo SnorLaX oOo

Lag Issues Tonight, On and Off Host WTH??

Like most evenings i'm playing away on COD and i have to switch off for a bit, then when i come back on, 6 games in a row i experience intense lag without any host migrations, now what really annoys me is, in one of the later games it did host migrate to me, even playing on my own host with full green bar there was serious lag issues for everyone. Now i checked both computers and neither running or seeding anything out of the ordinary, so i went back on, just for it to keep happening.
I browsed the net for a while and noticed other people having this issue tonight, so my question is, WTH treyarch, xbox has pretty much had no major issues until now, and this disappoints me very much so. On my own host even on ground war i host a perfect game.
I would like to think by the time I finish this post the issue will have been resolved, and I can get back on the game.
Rant Over :@

oOo SnorLaX oOo 
Peace Yo.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

iSuK Wants YOU

This post is obviously aimed at anyone who has been re-directed here from a forum with regards to wanting to join a Xbox 360 Blops Clan.

please post a comment stating your GT, time zone and how often you play.
we will aim to get back to you within hours giving you the good news and hopefully inviting you in for a game or two.

Modern Warfare 3 announcement EXPECTED this month

Okay so not to get anyones hopes up but looking back over the past few years the general rule of thumb is announcement in april and release set in november. So this post it not really anything special, i just wanted tp bring light to those of you who hadn't already figured out we should be due for an announcement, at the moment everything seems to be pretty tight lipped, and to my surprise no one had managed to 'leak' any info with regards to it.

oOo SnorLaX oOo