Thursday, 23 December 2010

Your favourite setup?

It has to be said that recently there has been a lot of arguments as to what is the best setup on black ops, with each setup being catered for each individual user there can be no real extreme/overpowered setup (imo at least!) So what's yours?

I recently have become accustomed to using the:

Ak47 supressed, along with the makarov and claymore;

Ghost pro;

Slight of hand pro (wasting time reloading is a no no for me!);

And Ninja pro;

I've always used turtle beach headsets in all of my online gaming, hearing the enemy before you turn that corner is always beneficial!

What's your thoughts and personal preferences when on black ops? Obviously one setup will work for one game mode and other setups will work for others but this has been known to be my best all rounder.


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