Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Famas' everywhere.

So I've just returned from my holiday to Paris! After getting stopped at every security check-in I realised that carrying an Ak through border control was a bad move. None the less I have returned to Britain and picked up my controller last night to join snorlax for a quick game.

One thing that was obvious in France was the mass of soldiers carrying famas-es! The weapon of France most definitely. Think about how patriotic you're being to the French the next time you choose the famas within your loadout.

In other news:

From what myself and snorlax have discovered our K:D's are suffering a bit on Cracked. A map with large open spaces complicated by smaller enclosed spaces with dead end rooms and camping spots. We've also taken to playing sabotage quite a bit recently which not only helps by keeping the spawns pretty standard and set goals that the entire team can push forward for. The only problem I feel with sabotage is that it can be over very quickly. Also only having an attempt from one spawn can be a bit annoying over time when you've pushed forward many times and the entire team seems incapable of pushing forward with you.

Anywho to help any of you in the same situation as this here is a map that could well come in use:

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