Friday, 7 January 2011

My First Official Post.

Well Well Well, it has taken some time but I'm finally making my first post, it won't be anything special just general statistics on my account and a low down of how I play BUT first some good news.
The Very first Download Content for black ops has been given an official release date (2nd February 2011)
I'm sure a lot of you, myself included are overly excited for that DLC!!

-TIME PLAYED: 3d 12h 4m
-Win/Loss Ratio: 1.09
-Kill/Death Ratio: 1.30

So where do I start then, well them stats aren't brilliant however I would say there above average as the amount of players I come cross on Black ops who have negative everything.
My Favourite weapon is the AK47 or the L96 (Even though i'm still practising with it)
It may seem abit common i chose the AK47, but undoubtedly this gun packs a punch and a half, it has the range and power to match most weapons, yet at the same time it doesn't let you down when you need accuracy.

I also say the L96, not because I'm amazing with it, but because i really admire the weapon, and aim to master it before the next COD game (as i'm sure ShoooRn94 does as well :p)

My most used class as I write this post is an AK47u with grip, M1911, semtex, willy pete and jammer..and then Perks...Ghost, sleight of Hand Pro and Ninja!

This Is mainly due to the fact i haven't unlocked a gun that i am overly fond of at this point.

When i play by myself its mainly FFA, There is not big bias reason behind this, just something i have done with most FPS, however i do enjoy a good team game when ShoooRn94 is online, with us mostly playing TD or HQ.

Anyway I am going to play now so i can actully blog about my time on the game today, rather just some ramblings about stats and information you probably already knew.

oOo SnorLaX oOo

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