Tuesday, 1 February 2011

First Strike DLC release day

So the release day is today. We all frantically wait for the DLC and it's release.

Sadly myself and oOo snorlax oOo decided it would be a wise idea to stay up past midnight GMT in order to try and download... Treyarch wouldn't honour us Brits would they? Tssk. Typical.

Well the official release time was 10am GMT here in the UK. But as far as my storefront is telling me there is no such thing as DLC for blops. However the xbox.com marketplace says different.

Black ops First Strike download.

We will be grabbing a few vids with any luck this evening of some gameplay on the maps and some screenshots for a few blogs so that you PS3 guys know what you're in for in March.

Have fun on the new maps all, did you frantically wait up and hope the release time would be midnight GMT? Or did you know that it would be honoured elsewhere?

(Ascension pic above.)


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