Sunday, 16 January 2011

Patch 1.06

Patch 1.06 is just days away and so i felt it right to give you guys abit of information on whats to be expected.
The main things we can expect to see a change in are,

The AK47u with grip will have the re-center speed adjusted, at the moment its too quick and even though its beneficial to us it will make it slightly harder to keep a good killstreak if you can't aim on target as quick.

Changes to Kill Credits: In simple terms this means the person who floors their victim and said victim seems to be using Second Chance, where as before someone could come in for the cheap kill and you would be left standing with just as assist :/ yeah i know its harsh but that wont be the case for long. After the 1.06 patch the person who steals the kill will take the assist.
For me this is going to be what makes the newest patch worth having, as every day i feel like rage quitting when i keep getting my kills stolen just because people feel the need to use second chance.

Changes to the RC car, okay this isn't a definite as different sites seem to have opposite sources, so at present its just a rumour but the minimum and maximum damage radius will be evaluated and possibly reduced and there could even be a tweak to the speed.
Now i can't speak for everyone but i for one would love to see the actual amount of kills needed to acquire the RC car increased however treyarch have said "Changing the kill requirement isn't feasible at this time" :((

I was hoping for a lot more but at least its something.

oOo SnorLaX oOo

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