Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Kowloon could be interesting.

Yes it's me again. Two posts in one day? Utter madness, you'd think I was a student or something.

Anyway, on quickly pottering around the internet it appears that Kowloon as mentioned below in Snorlax's post is one of the most recently added maps to the DLC with the 4 other maps being viewable on the disk amongst the hidden data that only the techno-freaks know how to find.

As we all know Kowloon isn't quite a "hidden" map considerring you play it within the single player and it most definitely was one of my favourite parts of the single player. It will be an enclosed environment at a guess and most likely will have a few tiers.

What would be epic however is the balcony shootout section being the main base of the map (where you had to run between balcony's before falling to the floor) it could supply a few choke points and could be a good section for snipers. If it is just quite enclosed I can see it being sub machine gun heaven.

One thing I love about this Call of duty is that of the activity outside the maps (the missile on launch, the train on WMD, the saws on radiation etc.) I wonder whether the plane seen in Kowloon will make an appearance in the map? We can only hope.

Thoughts below ladies and gents....


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