Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lag Issues Tonight, On and Off Host WTH??

Like most evenings i'm playing away on COD and i have to switch off for a bit, then when i come back on, 6 games in a row i experience intense lag without any host migrations, now what really annoys me is, in one of the later games it did host migrate to me, even playing on my own host with full green bar there was serious lag issues for everyone. Now i checked both computers and neither running or seeding anything out of the ordinary, so i went back on, just for it to keep happening.
I browsed the net for a while and noticed other people having this issue tonight, so my question is, WTH treyarch, xbox has pretty much had no major issues until now, and this disappoints me very much so. On my own host even on ground war i host a perfect game.
I would like to think by the time I finish this post the issue will have been resolved, and I can get back on the game.
Rant Over :@

oOo SnorLaX oOo 
Peace Yo.

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