Wednesday, 6 April 2011

oOo SnorLaX oOo Update

Morninngggggggggggggggggg all,
day off work today so it seems i'm either on COD or on this, 
and was checking the older posts and my  very first post i mentioned how i would keep a constant update on how i'm progressing in the MP.
Well that failed miserably so i'm going to try again, as of 6/4/11 at 12.54 pm this is my updated combat record.
9th Prestige 

Time Played 8 Days 7 Hours
Win/Loss 1.43
Best win streak 50 Games.
Most Kills 65
K/D 1.66

So i have obviously been busy on COD, rising a whole 6 prestiges since my last update..however quite a lot has changed since back then, instead of AK47 with silencer, i now use either FAMAS with Dual Mags or Galil with Dual Mags/Silencer, and secondary weapon is a balistic knife.
My claymore has not changed to a motion sensor as well.
The perks is the biggest change for me since i always used to use the same, hardline pro, slight of hand pro and ninja pro, now however i use hardline pro, sleight of hand pro and hacker, something i never thought i would use, but i do have good reasoning behind it, basiclally i'm a claymore magnet, every game guaranteed i would run over several and it would make me RAGE, so now i've started using that i've noticed my k/D has shot up..

oh one more thing, 
Kills with killstreaks, 
Chopper gunner-576
Attack Dogs-440
Attack Helicopter- 318
and the rest are below a 100.

any ways black ops is calling me so peace out guys. its me snorlax..bye.

oOo SnorLaX oOo

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  1. Playing alot I see. Still good figures none the less! Been away a while from COD. But when I return I will bring the full fury of the iSuK might!