Tuesday, 28 June 2011

DLC 3!!!!!

Morning all, it's finally that time again (even though it doesn't feel that long since escalation popped up) that the third black ops DLC is being rolled out within the last 57 minutes.
Unfortunately enough i'm at work at the moment so i cannot actually write a hands on review, so all i can do for now is count down the hours until i can punch out and fly home as fast as i can to play :'(
From what i know so far the the multiplayer maps are called the following;
-Hangar 18
-Drive In
I going to be blunt, escalation sucked for me, i really didn't like it and given the chance if they pop up in the normal playlists i always vote against them, and NEVER play the actual escalation playlist anymore.
So it is really important to me trayarch redeem themselves and make this map pack better than first strike which in my opinion was amazing!
Can't really say much else for now until i have played them myself so i'm going to get back to work an hopefully time will fly by.
Oh and update on me , 14th prestige 36, just got myself a gold mpl...yeah boiii!!

peace yo
oOo SnorLaX oOo

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