Saturday, 25 June 2011

BLOPS oOo SnorLaX oOo progress update

So it's that time again when i brag some more, i've recently reached 14th prestige so it's time to start saving for those magical golden camo.
My current playtime is just under 12 hours so not bad going in terms of reaching 15th prestige.
I'm hoping to get to 15th before the clock ticks over to 13 hours.

Another change to my class set ups recently, i've now switched my beloved hsrdline for scavenger, simple because i can easily reach blackbird without hardline and i've found myself using mpl a lot more. Whack on some rapid fire and the ability to pick up ammo and you've got yourself a deadly weapon.

Not currently at home so i can't play right now but i will keep the updates coming with regards to reaching 15th. Fingers crossed mutha truckers

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