Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What's up Y'all

So it's half 11 here in the UK, that's pm, and i just realised haven't updated in awhile..there is so much to talk about but not enough time to report it all.
so basically the biggest news is the release of the MODERN WARFARE 3 TRAILER

i for one, cannot flipping wait after seeing this, i was getting all giddy like a school girl watching this and couldn't wait to share, so i sent it straight to my partner in crime ShoooRn94.
In terms of what we can expect....Full blown global war, oh yes, it will be like nothing you have seen before, and hopefully unlike the previous COD's where they claim to be the best yet, this will blow the competition right out of the water.
The obvious competition this year, is battlefield 3, any forum/blog/message board you go on, it's an ongoing argument, which is better, which has better graphics, which has better gameplay etc etc,. the list goes on, needless to say i'm a COD guy myself and will be queueing at midnight to get MW3, however i'm not completely one sided, i will be getting BF3, just probably not at a midnight launch, as i don't care as much for it.
Also in MW3 related news, unlike the previous years, so far there is not a WII version, and according to infinity ward, there won't be this year..

Judging from BO WII gameplay it's doing them a favour LOL..but that's a whole other story.

So the question on my mind is, Should there be a MW3 BETA?
Yes-Because after the disaster that was black ops, and still they are releasing patches to fix problems, it could only benefit infinity ward to release a BETA
No-because we like the excitement we get from queueing at midnight to get that release.

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