Friday, 27 May 2011

News, News and more News today

Morning all, a lot to report today snd since i'm not at work today i'm going to catch you guys up with the latest MW3 news.
So first things first,
Infinity ward has officially confirmed via twitter that there will in fact be no co op campaign in MW3, i'm sure this will sadden the heart of many fans. I myself do not actually care because i'm more of a MP Fan myself however What's the reason behind this, well at present there hasn't been an official statement as to why they pulled the plug on co op.

Second piece of news Today is craig fairbrass the voice of ghost in MW2 is definitely returning in mw3. Whether or not he will be playing ghost is still abit of a mystery since in cod4 he voiced gaz.

The third and final piece is 3 screenshots have emerged from
There may only be 3 and not really exposing much but any screenshots or teasers are more than welcome in my eyes.

So thats all for iSuk news, notuch to report on blsck ops since i haven't been online in a few days. One thing i will say is, i am slightly regretting buying escalation, i don't think its the maps that are putting me off, but the fact there encouraging campers.

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